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About Photosensitive Seizures 

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to 
certain visual images, including flashing tights or patterns that may appear in 
video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have 
an undiagnosed condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic 
seizures" while watching video games. 

These seizures niay have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, 
altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or sljaking of arms or legs, 
disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also 
cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to Injury from falling 
down Of striking nearby objects. 

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these 
symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above 
symptoms — children and teenagers are more likely than adults hi experience 
tfiese seizures. 

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may he reduced by sitting farther 
from the television screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well- 
lit room, and not playing when you are drowsy or fatigued. 
If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a 
doctor before playing. 

Other Important Health and Safety Information The Xbox Instruction IVIanual 
contains important health and safety information that you should read and 
understand before using this software. 

Avoid Damage to Your Television 

Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or rear- 
projection types, can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox games, 
are played on them. Static images presented during the normal course of game 
play may "burn in" to the screen, causing a permanent shadow of the static 
image to appear at all times, even when video games are not being played. 
Similar damage may occur &om static images created when placing a video 
game on hold or pause. Consult your television owner's manual to determine if 
video games can he safely played safely on your set. if you are unable to find 
this information in the owner's manual, contact your television dealer or the 
manufacturer to determine if video games can be played safely on your set 

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, 
rental, pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited. 


Using the Xbox™ Video Game Systera 

Using the Xhbx Controller 

Tfie Race Screens 

Arcade Chempianship 

Grand Prix Series , , 

Getting Started . . 

Grand Prix Series 


-Multi player Races 

Replay Cameras . 


Options Menus 

JOtC^me Options 

Stunt^ and Special Manoeuvres 

The MotqGP Tracks 



Using 1;he Xbox Video t3ame Syetiem 

1. Set up your Xbox video game syslem hf fodowtng the rnstractions in the 
Xbox JnstfuctiQn ManusF. 

2. Press the power btitton and the status indicator light wili tight up, 

3. Press the eject birtlon and the disc tray wiil apin. 
, 4. Place the Mota (3 P: Ultimate Sacing Technology disc bn the disc Iray with the 

label facing up and close the disc tray. 
5. Follow all on-screen instructions and refer to this maniia) for more 
information abntit playing MotoGPr Ultimate Racing technology. 

Disc Tray 

Controller port 1 
Controller port 2 

Eject button 

Power button 

CoRtroiler port 4 
Controller port 3 

Avokiing Damage to Qiscs or the Oisc Drive 

To avoid damage to discs or the disc drive: 

• insert only Xbox- compatible discs into the disc drive. 

* Never use oddly shaped discs, such as star-shaped or heart-shaped discs 

* Do not leave a disc In the XfaOK console for extended periods when not in use. 
■ Do oQt move the Xbox console while the power is on and a disc is inserted. 

• Do not apply laheis, stickers, or otbei- foreign objects to discs. 


IVkitoGP: Utttmate Racing Tecfmoteigy Staidard Comtrcrfs 

Note: This section outlines the standard of defauH controls. The player wiii be 
able to ielect alternative contro! methods Irotn within the 'Options' menu. 

Steering and Rider Control - Left llitiinbsticfc/ D-pad 

left Thumbstick /D-pad LEFT /RlfiKT to steer and lean the bike round corners 
LeftTlJumbstick/ B-pad UP /DOWN to control the rider's positioning on the bike. 

Tip: iean forward for greater speed and stability on straights; lean back so 
si ow down andperformwheeiies! 

Acceleration and Brakjng -r Right Tbumbsttck 

Right Thumbstiek FORWARD to accelerate. 

Right Thumhstick PULL BACK to apply front aiid rear brakes evessly. 

Right Thwmhstick PULL BACK wiien the bike is stationary , this wili cause tbe 

rider to Valk' the bike backwards 

Acceleration - A Button 

Acceleration can also he controlled by pressing the A button. 

Tip; Power slide around corners by fully releasing the accelerator' (A Button or 
Right Thumbsticki before immedjately reapplying. This will cause (be rear 
wheel to spin and allow you drift the rear end of the bike. 

BraMng - X Button 

Braking can also he controlled by pressing the X button, 

Rewereing can also |»e performeij by pressing the X button wrtien the bike is 


Manual Brakes - Left/ Right Trigger Buttons 

The LEFT and RIGHT Trigger buttons appiy manual brakes to tbe rear and front 
wheels fespectivefy. giving you more cnntro! ovrei; your bike. 

Tip: Applying the rear brake {LEFT Trigger) allows the rider lo skid the rear end 
of hts/tter bike. 

TqK Applying Che front brake jBIGHTTriggeil allows tiie rtderts) perform tricks 
such as endos and burnouts isee later for full deiafis). 

Rfrav View -B Button 

If ymi want la chisck visually who's behind yoo in a race press the B button. 

Viewpoint T<»ggle - V Button 

The Y button toggles throDgh a selection of preset in-ganie viewpoints. 
{Mote that in cerain menu screens the Y button performs other special 

Pause Game - START Button 

Press START in-game to access the in-game Options Menu scfeen. 

Cohfirnt Selectian ~ START Button 

Press START (or the A button) in alt Menu selection screens to confinn a 

Return to Previous Menu Screen - BACK Btrtton 

Presste BACK button to return to the previous Menu screen (or the S bntloul. 

.,.<;ii\im .ivafmiiiim . 


Fee! the tlirrll of riding the world's tasiest motorbikes, locked in a pack of 20 
riders only centimetres away from your deadliest riuals, totally exposed to - 
danger, nothing liEit a leather skin to protect you, knowing that you're only ever ' 
seconds avuay from spectacular and terrifying crashes. This is MoteGP: 
Ultimate Racing Technology, an iittra-realistic bike racing game. A racing game 
that puts you astride the meanest, fastest, most tfirilliiig machines ever built. 
Widi its innoi/afiwB gameplay, and revolutionary graphical and technical 
features only row possihte on the Xbox console, MotoGP: Ultimate Racing 
Technology brings the speed, the style, and technology of the world's most 
exciting sport right into your hands. And there's more! Experience the glamour 
and the glitz of being a top hike rider, recreating those moments that have 
thrtit^d over hundreds of millions of television viewers and trackslde 
spectators. Have you got the guts to take it on? 

MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology. 

The fastest bikes in the world, now in your hands for the ride of your life! 

The Race Screens 

MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology has 3 number of different and exciting 
game modes; from i)ie Quick Race blast around tfie track to the intense 
competition of the coniplete Grand Prix Series or the vastly entertaining 
Multiplayer mode. These are the in-game screens for all available MotoGP: 
Ultimate Racing Techiiology modes. Study them careftilty and get to know 
vvhere everything is, because at the speeds you'li be travelling you'll need to 
absorb the infomiatioh they give you at a gtance! 

Ouick Race 

Jurrip right into the action and take part in a tliree-iap race on your choice of 
tracic. Only the firs! tltree tracks in the championship, or tracks unlocked In the 
Arcade Chantpfonship or the Graod Prix Series game modes are auailabie for 

ap and Position Indicator Player Assist Arrow Current Lap Time 

>g«l—^iWBBIB|»»l Best Lao Time 

Messages — ? t^^^^^SJ 

IVIap and Rider Position^ -r '^'^^B^^^B^ EngineHeatlndicator 

|H|^B^|B^j:|^ey Counter 

Rider lime Difierence- ^^^HMl"^^' '^^^ 

Lap and fosition fndicator 

Shows tie rider's current lap, race posiSion and name. 

Player Assist Arrow 

Gives siigg^ed bike speed on specific bends and the typ^direction dfthe 
turns themselves, TJie arrow only appears when appro^jshing bends ^d 
remains on-screert far the, duration of the manoeuvre: the arrow bohier 
changes to red if youare approaching a bend too fast, indicafihgtttatyeushiiold 
slow down. A dOisWe arrow sign indicates that you're riding in an opponents 
slipstream -this will'IS^ja subtle boost in speed and accElBrstibn, 
Map and Riiter PpsftiOR 

The screen shows a map oi the track with your rider's position nwrked % a 
flashing red marker; JJther iisjers in the race are marked by grey dots, tn 
Multiplayer mods eactt human plajier wij) have a different coloured flashing 
marker. '^Sek 11 xsb 

Rev counter ;"^"^''-^: --MBUMKei- ■:ks. 

Indicates the current engine I'evs of tlw bihei.*! 

Rider Ttnie Difference 

This shows the time difference betvyees your rider, the rider dsrectfy in frunt 
and the rider directly behind. A plus sign preceding the time difference numeral 
sfiows how far behind the next competrlQryqu are. whilst a minus sign 
preceding the ntiraerals indicates how far behind the fte^rest rider is. 

Current and Best Lap Times 

Indicates your rider's best and current lap times. 


birL ' ;tik^''' 


Shows hova fast you are Iraveliing. 

Current Gear 

Shows what gear your bike is in. 

Engine Heat 

The Engine Heat Jndicator shows Hie tempefature of yew bike's engine. The 
temperature wit) increase as the race hots up, aggressive driving oi cra£i>es 
will make the engine heat rise aiarmingiy sniJ yon wil! see a drop in ffike 
performaficeliess power, smoke and engine i^isfiringl. 



Ar-cade Championship 

ftace through alith^ tracks in the 2001 MotoGP season! It's a chailenge against 
the ciach and all the ether top hike riders as you try to hit those checkpoints In 
time, (lood scores wi(! unlock extra MotoGP Uttimale Racing Technology g&me 
features (see later). 

Time Remaining 

Arcade Score Total 
Bonus Points 

Arcade Scare Total 

Running taiiy of points scored irt Arcade mode 

Bonus Points 

Points awarded in Arcade mode for stunts or tricks performed (see laler), 
waitiiig to be added to the Arcade Score Total. 

C3ranci Prix Series 

A complete simulation of the 2901 MotoGP Grand Prix Series, with the full race- 
weekend events, taking place on the real tracks from all around the world. Yon 
can aiso create your own rider in this (tiode, a rider who can be used in all of 
tlie other MptoGP: Ultimate Racing Tectiitelogy modes and you can improve 
your bike riding skills using tfie interactive experience credit award system 
(see later). 



Rider and Helniet Indicators 

Qualifying TSme Remaining^ 

Rliter and Helm^ Indicators 

The position of tfie rtder is shown along with colour-coded helmet icoi)K£ 

* G rey he imet -belowpersonalfaest 
•Blue helmet - persona f best time 

• Red helmet - pole iteskion 

The helmet icons are linked to checkpoints around the track and show your 
cumulaiiil'e lime up to thai point. 






improve your bike racing skills by taking on a nuinber of mission-based training 
chailenges! You'!l (earn specific aspects of effective hike handling, with the 
bonus of gonrf performances winning 'rider credit' awards. 

Challenge Time fiemaining 

Challenge Sutcess/Faii Messages^ 

Challenge lltne Remaining 

Tills shows the time remaining an a Challenge in Training mode, will flash red 
when a time penalty is incurred. 

Challenge Success/ Fail Messages 

Tells you if your rider has failed or completed a Challenge suecessfully in 
Training mode. 


Race against the ciock to get the: fastest lap times ever! Featuring the 'ghost 
bike' (might be wor^i checking the iegals en the term 'ghost hike') option that 
lets you race against yonr best track times. Note that only tracks unlocked in 
the Arcade CttampionsMpar Grand Prix Series are available in Time Trjai. 

Lap Time 
Best Lap Difference 

IVfuttJplayer Screen 

TakeonliiechallBnge of real life opponents in a series of races on your choice 
of track. Piaif in Split Screen mode (2 to 4 riderst or using the IS player 
maximum Xbox System Unk Pfay. 


Bomre Points 

ftrcaae Score Total 
Speed /Gear 

Lap Position 
Time Remaining 

f?fder Time Difference 

Bettiing Started 

The Game R/IenuScreeiiH' 

After the opening screens and animations ypo will get to fte Game Menu 
screen where you can choose the type of MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 
mode you want to play or check the sefiings in the game Options menu. 

• Cycle through the auailabfe game- modes using tte D-Pad or left Thumfestjck 

• Press ifte A button to select a mode {if you make a mistake you can press the 
6 button to go back one screen). 

Osjiek Race 

Jump right into the action! This is a quick Si.*, tiiree-Jap single race adrenaline 
rush for anyone who hasn't got the lime to take on the Arcade Championship or 
Grand Pfi;; Series modes. Qiiicfe Race iets you race using tracks, bikes and 
riders 'unlocked' in other gasne modes. 

• Select Quick Race, 

• Choose a Difficulty Level, 

• Choose a Bike & Rider. 

• Choose a Track. 



You'U Start a Quick Race in a random position on the first two rows df die 
starting grid. 


There sre 29 riders avsiiable in MotoGP: UEtimate Racing Technoiagy froRi ^e 
real 2001 season, pEus any other riders that vou niay have created wttiiin tlie 
Grand Prix Series (and saved on the Xbox hard disli) plus any rider imported 
tfDm a IVIenrorv Unit (using the Guosi Rider feature in the Options menuj. 


Chaose from the first 3 tracks featured in the game, pius any tracl<s previously 
unioclied in either tfie Arcade Championship or Grand Prix Series. 

Bike and Rider Selection 

The Bilte and Rider Selection screen is the same in 
ail game modes but tfie Grand Prix Series and 
Training modes a !so feature a Create flider screen. 

On the left of the screen is a list of the rjders. showing their team and bike for 
use in tiie game Custom riders created by you are shown at the start of the list, 
followed by the names of real IVlotoCP riders. Locked {or unavailable) rttters are 
indicated by a padlock symboS and ttie word 'Locked' in the bottom left ol the . 

Vou can cycie through the list of names and faces and a large window on the 
right shows the rider and bike, the crash helmet anritte teas lego. 


The lower panel shows tlie rider's experience credits; the yellnw bars 
indicating the riders' level of experience in: 

- fijruerfflg 

- Braking 

- Top Speed 

- Acceleration, 

• CycSe through tho available Ib^ of riders iraSg the D-Paa or Lett Thumbstick 

• Use the SIGHT THUMBSTICK to ?oam in and out on fe on-screen bike and 
fiijer. ■.;>;.; 

• Pressihe A butten to select the on-seresn bike and ridsriji'i 

Track SeleetiOii 

The track selection screen is used in Quick J^ace and 
Time Trial game m6des 

In the centre of the scrran is the fack siapfaio with name, location, length, 
number of bends and fastest tap. inlonnfltion pius the host nation's flag. 

Cycle through the availabletracks. those that have be^ oniocked in the Arcade 
, Chstnptonship or Grand Prix Scries modes, trecks that have not heen unlocked 
Biie .'greyed out'. 

To the right of the track graphic are the selfectabje race weather conditioRS; 
-Sunny, sunny weslhiar with dazzling sunshinfc 

- Clear; standard cOnifi^ons, cloud cover with interrnitteiit sunshine. 

- Raining: cloud coirar, light fog and rain with a partially, jwet track. 




iji jir ( ^^j^igmgair 

• D-Pad or Left Thumbstisk LEFT and RIGHT cycles through Ifie wealllBf 

• Press the A button to confirnr. 

• Press the Y bBttori to select a random track from those that are currentiy 
:Ut)locked, andraadom weather conriitiorts 

Ready to Quick Race 

Oitce yoa have made your seleetions, your bike and rides wfil app^ on flte 
starting grid ready for the off. Check yotir hike controls, wast forthe lights to 
change and than ateeleratel Push forward on the right Thttmhstich or press (he 
A button. Rememher not to over rev on the startirtg gdd as you you rhay end up 
wheel spjnning-inste^d.oniyh it op^nuptlietfirottle once theligiits have gone 
oitt, Atthe end of the race you will see a results screen'showing al! the rtdefs' 
finishing posiliOris. 

Arcade E^ampiortship 

The Arcade Championship gives yoa a quick and simple 'arcade styie' charge 
through the MotoGP Championship, aitowing you to race on ail the tracks 
availabie in the game in three-lap races using a checkpoint system. 


To siicceed in Arcade Championship mode yoii will have to finish each tsp of 

the track inside an allotted time. Note that any time rematnins on the coutiier as 

you cross a checkpoint is added to thetota! time limit required to gettottse next 


When your time limit dips beiovu ten seconds a eounttfown timer vuil! appear 

onscreen and, if time inns out, the race is over. 


Anytime left on the your checkpoint clock atthe end each iap is conveited into 
points, 'Jirhicii are used to unlock extra featHfes in the game, such as extra 
riders and bikes fsee later). Vour finishing position in the race also de-ermines 
your startJRg grid position ir> the next race- 

Bonus Paints 

During an Arcade Championship race you can also pick up bonus points if yau 
perform tricks, stunts or excellent riding skills. Tricks possible are: wheelies, 
endos, clean sections (staying on the track), burnaut, overtake, power slide and 
jump. T^ese bonuses are added to a running total Arcade score thafs updated 
thfougjiout the race. 

Starting Off 

• Select the Arcade Championship mode from the (Same Menu and you will be 
shown the Load/Create Game screen. 

This atlowsyou to either contfnue with a previoitsly saved game (a maximum of 
ten saves is alto wed}, or to start a new game using an empty save slot. Vou can 
also delete saiies iby pressing the V button), 

* Select Start A Kew Gasofc 

Ycu wili go to the Select Diflicuity Lewi screen, and then to the Bike and Rider 
Options screen. 

Thereare 23 riders featured in the game from the real sport leiipluding those 
laskad untiJ in-game ob[ectives have been completed}, p3us,*<if;tfther riders 
that you may have pfevrotrsly created in the Grand Prix Series and saved on a 
Memoiv Lfnit oron Itie Xbox Etard disk^ 

Once you Ve chosen a rider he is placed on the starting grid at the first track of 
fhs BiotoGP: Ultimata Rscing Tectoofojjf Arcade Championship, waiting fcr the 
I igbtst* change to begin *e fjrstrace. 

Raoe Refiults ' 

At the end of the race yon are shown the finishing posittoas and times of all 
riders mho took place in the race. This is lojlowed by a score screen, where 
your race score is added to your total score 





Saving die Gaaie ^ 

At the end of tJie race the game wiH «utosave your progress to that pomt, and g 

you wSil have the option to 'continue' or 'quit'. | 

YoK can then continue to the next round, or return to the Game Went! screen. Se 


Winning the Aroade Championship I 

Your fiitisjting position in the previous race always determines vouf stsitins, '- \ 
position on the grid for the next round, ot if it's the final round, your overartrP"** 
Championship positioo. At Ifje end of the Arcade Championship, you can rettsrn " ^S 
to any track to re-race and try to improve yourscore, Novif you will he ahle to 
see the highest score achieved on each track, pfus your own personal best >_ 
score per track. 

Grand Prnx Series 

• Select Grand Prix Series in the Game IWenu screen and yon vuill be shown 
the Load/Create Rider screen that allows you to continue on the Grand Prix 
Series with a previously saved rider (from a maximum of TO save slots) or 
start a new rider, 

• In the Create/Load Rider screen customised riders can he deleted by 
highlighting the desired rider and pressing the Y button. 

Continuing with a previously saved rider will take you to either the Grand Prix 
Status screen (if the saved game is ahouttostart a new Grand Prix rouRdl or the 
Race Schedule screen fit the saved game is in the middle of a Grand Prix round) 

Selecting a new rider will take you to the Create Rider screen; allowing you to 
create your own rider with wSiich to race, specffyjng appearance, name, 
nationality, and team. 

Cf«ate Rider Screen 

This option is oaiy available in the Grand Prix Series 
and Training ntodes. 

«j,: Here you can customise yowr rider and then save the infErmation (physicaf 
'appearance, experience credits and progress in the Grand Prix Series 
Champienship) for future USB in all game modes. 

CwstttRHsing a Rider 

CustOitiisations are tt^l purely aesthetic as liveries are tttatched wfith hikes, Oiu 

riders crEsled here will develop in skill and increase in sbristy (as long as your 

race perfortnance iagoodi. ; 

Name -^ enter a rider name (o|9 to 20 characters I 

Age - choose the rider's age (16 to 33), 

(Country -ohooseyour rider's nationality. 

Leathers - choose a design for his leathers. The, colours useti within the 
design are customisahle; a cobuf 'picker' is provided for each 
of the three colours incorp orated in the design. 

- Choose a racing number for yoaf rider 

- choose the hike model and the faring style from a selection of 
different designs. The colours used witbin the design are 
customisahle; a coiow 'picker' is provided for each of the three 
colours incorporated in the design. 

- chijose a name for your teanj (up to 38 aharactersi. 


Team Name 

Hider Credit Distribution Screen 

This screen appears after the Create Rider scree«, and aflera race (if youriider 
has been piaeed in the top 15) in the Grand Prix Series and Training modes. Here 
you are given 10 rider laxperience credits to rtistTil)ute amongst the foui' areas of 
rider ahiiily; Comerfng, Braking, Top Speed and Acceleration. 



The abiirty to corner well, and push the bike to its absolute limit, is crucial to 
the success of any rider. To cofuer with optimum effictertcy the rider needs to 
enter the corner wide (as if they're afaout to run off the rpadi, then drop the bike 
on its side at a horrifyingfy acute angle before accelerating hard out of the ttirn 
and allowing the rear end to slip and slide until the machine is pointed in the 
right direction. Tfie further the bike can be leant over, the greater the possible 
turning circle and cornering force the vehicle can attain. 

Rider dexterity a!so has a significant effect upon tije speed at wtiich the bike 
can be leaned, with an immense amount of force being placed on the rider 
during these manoeuvres; only the most dextrous riders can handle these 
machines at anywiiere near their maximum potential. Cornering force arid 
stability increases in accordance with the rider's Cornering Ability and allows 
him to take corners at a greater speed, edging in front of less experienced riders. 


Ultimately, the brakes are what keep the rsder from flying oWfte road and fta 
faster the bike is moving, the greater the braking force required to slow it down. 
But the bike's brakes are only as good as fte rider who controls them. Stopping 
power is limited notoitiy by the overall design of the motorcycle, but also by the 
riders' skill and abiifty to keep the bike upright during extreme braking comfiUqns. 

An increase jn the rider's Braking ability allows you to use the vehicle's brakes 
to the nia>;imusn limn. Responsiveness is improved, increasing the speed at 
wSiich the brakes are applied. The overall strength or power of the brakes is 
also increased, allowing the player to brake harder without 'iji3h<-3id in g' or 
losing contrq! of the bike. An increase in Braking abitity means you caa 
approach bends faster, brake later and harder to get ahead of the pack, before 
accelerating out of the bend. 

Top Speed 

A Stand Prix motorcycle engine has incredible power; hikes can weigh t3Q ks 
and produce uji to ISObSip. Tlifottte cflntfoi is a very precise lechniques: a 
fraction loo much, and the bike will throyv you, a fraction too little and the 
competition will leave yau behind. Increaslrtg the fide/'s Top Speed will give 
your rfder the ability to manage Ihis powerful machine, aJfowiiig \iou to achieve 
tlie maximtsm perforntance out of the engine. This will mean youTT he able to 
reach hi gher spe e ds, using th e powf er of the bike to its m a x iimm potenti a I . 


Effective acceleration on a Grand Prix molorcy^e means shiftfng through the 
gears as quickly as possible. The biagest concern for a riden? the loss d time 
in shiftirrg, and to schieive the speeds you require you must sfisnge through ijie 
gears efficiently, picking the appropriate gear for any g^ert corn^ end 
changing up ami down at precisely the right moment In MotoGPr (Jltiinate 
Racing Technology, a rider with improved AcceteiiatiDn ability, performs fewer 
'MEidenfal' wheelres, and has more power when it's needed (i.e. when exiting 
comers). The depfee of stabiliiy as the rider shifts up and down gears rs also 
: increased, meaira^ s smoother ride at mors consistent speeds. 

Crand Prtx Sft^wi '• 

Once you have chosen your rider and distributed experience credits to him you 
will be taken to the Grand Prix Slatiis screen showing: 

- all Grand Prix eve rrts on a World Grand Prix P^ap with iiidtiridual rounds 
shown as Locked, Failed, Completed, or Cnrrent (nextl, 

- the amount of rider experience credits gained aiottgside each completed 
Grand Prix, as part of the total nmtiber (Wssible, 

- inhjrnatioo on your Grand Prix status, with the next (or current) round 
highlighted plus your rider's overall rankings. 

This screen also allows you to race on tracks previously raced in the Grand Prix 
Series to help you gain more rider experience credits. 



V' ^ 



Race Schedule Screen 

Oscevo" have selected tn enter a Grand PriK {romlhe Graad Prix Status screen, 
you will be taken to the Race Sdjedule screen that shows an ouemiew of Ihe; 
three weekend Grand Prix events: 

Free Practise 

This is an opportuoitv tolamifiarise yourself with the track sad v.:: 
conditions but is not compulsory. 

Qualifying Race 

You have a njaKintDfrt of 10 minutes to achieve the best lap iime possfbJe, Vvift 
conjpetitDFs' tiroes determining the final grid positions in the rsce. ConiBetitors 
start from a staggered, rbliiiig sEart on the track and at the end of every lapydff 
are shewn the lap time and qualifying position reiativelq ai|the dther.fidersfor 
that lap. 

Main Race 

This is the main event of the Grand Prix, where yoii will have to complete 5 taps 
of the circuit in an ali-out race for ttie finishing line. If you choose to enter the 
main race without first comptetiog the qualifying round, you wit! start in ZQ!h 
place on the starting grid. 

Championsiiip Points System 

Voor progress to the Championship Is defined in terms ol points gained at each 
race event, this is based on tiie scoring system of the real MetoCP sport; 

1st piace - - - 25pSs 

Znd place - 23pts 

3rd piace ISpts 

4th place !3pts 

a* place llpts 

Bft place lapts 

Tth place 9pts 

Sth place ----- gpts 

3* place 7pts 

10th place - {^ts 

Itth piace - - - - - ■ 5pts 

IMi jilace - - - 4pts 

13ih piace 3pts 

Uth place --2pts 

ISUi place - -Ipt 

To .win the Afoio^ ehampionship, you must g^in more points than the other 
competitors after all races iiavB beeR completed. 

Gaining IQder EKperience 

Rider SJtperience credits are swarded to riders f!F??!=^*i!r>n ii *fie top fifteen in s 
flrand f*rtx event: 

1st Place - - - • -^ 6 Credits 

Znd Piace - - ^5 Cfetiits 

3td Place - 4 Credits 

flthPlace 3 Credits 

5»!! Place - 1 Credits 

6th to 15i!i Place 1 Credit 

Over 15th Place Credits _^„^___ 

Once they have be*f! awarded, you can distribute these creSf^mBnJHilte four 
rider abilities (see above), Willi ten races in the Series, there am a fuaKiiiuoi of 
sixty cradits available from Itte fBcmg evems. There are 10 'starter' credits given 
to yo« wheii you initiBlly set up yonr rider, snablmg you to set 3 driving styie^ from 
Ifie oiitset; and 40 extra crediis are also available in Traming mode. This raeans 
that the total number of credits attainaiile within tite game is 110. 

Aithgugh you catidistriixsts awarded credits as you seefitrthere is amaxiiDum 
lintit to the amount of credits, that you can assign for eairh atJfsty. When starting 
tlte game, the maximam limit is set to 2fl credits per abitjty and this figure 
increases by one point as each Grand Prix is comjjletet!. So, upon campletion 





ol all Grand Prix, the maximum credit iimit far each of the rider experience 
abt titles is 30. 

Completing the Grand Piiit Series 

ff ymi compSete the first Grand Prix Series, yau will be allowed to coniinue into 
!he neict season;. to race the entire Grand Prix series again using the same rider, 
further improving your riSer's skills. 


Training mode (selected from the Main Menu screen or frofn the Grand Prix 
Status screen! «s the best way to get to grips with the skills you'll require to 
succeed at MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology: it features inission-basefi 
challenges that focits on specific aspects of bike handling and will reward 
successful riders with experience credits. 

If you select Training from the Main Menu scraen you 
will be asked if you want to select a Current Saved 


The Training Chattenge 
The Challenges 

There are ZO ouerali challenges in Training mode, each witli a difficulty level 
ISifver = Easy, Gold = Hard). Complete the challenge on Silver to win one 
experience credit, complete the challejige on Goid to win two credits. Credits 
are automaiically allocated to the appropriate rider ability once you have 
complete-'^ " -^'ai'sni* '■'' e yao won't be able to allocate thsu! yourself). 

DifficiAty Levels 

Tfiere are five difficulty levels, and there are (ooriakaKeases Miihla each; 
difficulty level each focusing on a specific rider attribtrie (Sraiung, Top Speed, 
Cofnering and Acceleration!. Each challenge imist ii^ rcmn^s-ed in the correct 
Ofdef to progress to the next level. To progre^ to ilange level you 

wiil have to safteeed at the minintoBi at Siivet tirtjoi uk each 'grade. On 
compietioB of ^aqh challenge grade a nevv costum livery is unfockeilTfeere are 
fiviain alt ■ one for each difficulty level. 


Time Trial mode aliows yo" to practise .ytJL'r sStitls an any previousiy raced 
tracks and to try iiRproveoc your best lap ti; ' i have no disiractioRS 

torn other riders bntfee track tacingegaiiist ■j,,.^ 

• Select a Bike, Rider and a Track {from tiie list ai umc-a;s~j 'i scke 

Each Time TnalEvent consists of a race in which the besl total and tndiviiiiial 
lap times are recorded on the Xbox internal hard disk. Vou can race an 
tjnSimited number of laps aiid, if you achieve a aew tap record, you will be able 
to fitaoe your name alongside the record time. 

Time Ttial also allows you racing against a 'flhosi Dike and rider that recreates 
your best perfofmance. 

I', !'>.• 

'. «!<I%."V« 


Mutt:tptayer Races 

• Select the MuitipJayer option in the Main Menu screen. 

You can ptay MotaGP: Ultimate Bacing Technology in either Spiit-Screen mosJe' 
with up to 4 players, or via the Xbox System Link PSay with up to 16 playeis. 

Split Screen t.obby 

if you seject Split Screen mode from the Multipisyer Game screen yau wilt go 
to the Muitiplayer Split Screen Lohfey, Here you can set op a split-screen game 

• Player One must press tlie A button to JBJR in the game shown at the bottom 
of the screen. 

» Player One then goes to the Rider Select screen where he/she can choose 

from any currenfly unloeked or saved riders. 
» Player One then goes back to the Split Screen Lobby, now ttisp laying 

information on the seieeted rider and the game to be played, 

• Player Oae can stili change his/her rider (by selecting fiider from the menu) 
or alter the race settings (by pressing she Y button), 

• Additional players (Two, Three or! ftsn nn>" jr. in ihe game by pressing 
the A button on their own contrt^ei 

Multii^ver Rape Settings 

Any player can alter the race setttnas once thsy have seieeted a rider and ere 
in the Split Screen Lobhy Screen, The settings are: 

- Track; choose a irach te race on from ail unlocked bracks. 
-Ups per Race: set the number of laps to be raced. 

- Weaiher: choose from Sunny, Clfeudy or Rainy. 

- Computer Bikes: set computer controlled bikes on or off, . it(S*j*!»'niii.ii^ ,.„-;, 

- Shaw Names: disptsy the names of nther riders (wi/offi'iiunian players Dnty). 

- Track Progression: choose itam three options: 

• Champiortship tracks in tbeir correct order. 

• Random tracks from all those availabte 

• Race on the ssme track cimtinuoasly. 

- Scoring: select a scoriRg method (Arcade or Championship single player rules). 

• PresS'the'ff button tBefttrfitm a settings change. 

• New, return so the hSuitiplayier Screen Lobby where each player has to 
confirm the settings by selecting R«3dy ia the menu options before the race 
can stars. ,. 

Hate that, if an^ player changes any race settings a^r altther placer has 
already oonfiiflied theif indiwiduai settings all players wilt re^tir«to1te Lobby. 

Once all players have accepted thesettings, the race w ■ :,^yefs will 

be placed in a randotii start posttion on the starting grid. 

Screen Splits 

- The two-player game heB an adfustafale horizonJai/vertiEs! siplit. 

- The thre e - |i layer game has a cross s p 1 it. \ 

vOnce the race has fiiiisfaed the race fesu Its screen will appaaron screen. 

System Link JMay 

MotoGP: Uliiiftaie Baoing Tgchitohgy allows multiple Xbqit™ yMeo gwnS; 
systems (16 niflXimmnt to be linked togeyter or through a L/VN. 

• Seiect Systemirok Ptay frsin the Msiltipleyer Game screen 

• Give the player 9 nam* (using the nk;kname cscfie provided or by entering a 
new name). 

• Select your rider from the Riifet .Select screen. 

The program will search for a MotoBP: Ultimate Bacins Technology uame 
already underway for ycu to join. 

if you warn to set up (host) your own game, press the A faultiih arid you will go 
to the Sysl^ Link Lobby Screen. This iisfs all the linked piaiyers and race 


The game wil! start when ai! piayers are ready or when the timer runs Mrt, 

Mofmati on about lise cunentgame isrfispfayejJcR the lobby screen, as well 

as a scfQliabie list of al! tiie players. 

Press iheAbimon when yoo are resdy to pSay. 

The host of the gaisie ithe player wfio created itjcattgf ess the Viiuttot) to 

access the Multlpjayer Saee Settings screeo. 

Press the B htitton to exit 3 myltiplaiFergarBe and return to the RitJef S^Wct 


Replay parneras 

Replay cameras fetypa check oottisose fantastic bike manoemres in your current 
race and watch them again and again from 3 number of differdnt views, in SSiier 
noraial or slow speed. Voo will be giiren tfie option to Wateh a replay wfien ypu 
finish a race or directly from the Game Menu [if the repiay has ii«Sn saBetfj. 
A replay console with VCR-type iinttons ^tves you a notnber of view Options 
{see bfelovu}. 

* lise D-jJad or the Left Thumbstick LEFT/RISHT & UP/DOWN to ferghlight an 

* Press the A button to select. 


■ Standard Playback/ Slow Motion Playback: press once te piay back the race 
at nonnals^ed, press agais to play hack the race at half noffrjai speed. 
Pressing ttiis button again will then resume normal play mode 

- Fast Forward: rapidly advance tire race, by jumpitig to the next keyfrarrse 
wfien the butttjR is ciickei 

- Rewind: tbe repiay VKill be rewoanri by jumping to the previous keyframe 
when the button is clicked. 

- Pause: pause tiie replay. Press Pause again fp 'frame step' ahead. 

- Sfop/I^it: stop tfre replay with an option to Quit the Replay screen. 

Rider* Selection 

Pressing the A buRon when this button is highlighted cycles through all Uie 
. other riders in the race. Pressing 8 will cycle backwards through the selection. 
Your rider's name is highlighted and is always the default rider that is initially 

;£^amera Select:ian 

Pressing the A buttoti when tbfetutton is biahiighted cycles through a variety 
of different camera angles wfth whicb ti> iriew the replays. Pressing B will 
cyci e backvSBrdsthroughtlteselectioitr 

- TRACK: a number of television carheras that are plsced around the edge of 
^e track (as featured on TV). 

- HEU: an aetfalcaiRSi « ■:<'^■■.■ f: om a helicojjtef circlirig the track. 

- BIKE 1 to 6;Six siJgSi :, tL:,: ;;!ittYpe.5ofc3merathat rotate around or focus 
cSose in on Ifie piayer-SieleRtE : 

- COCKPIT: viewed from the cijc;; . ike vvindshieid} of the 
selefied rider 

- CKASE {Slypes!: viewed from i?^? '•' t*""" *'^y""'-^^.\ ^\tA person viewpoints 
6ta selected rider. 

- ONBOARD: camera mounted on ifie iront iioat firiip-wardj and rear (iookmy 
backwards) wheels ^ ffi« bike. 

- REARViEW: thirrf person rear view from selected bike^ j».''B 

- AUTOSWITCH; Switches auiomstically beh'.jeen all earner 


Irtfoj-niation Vft/indaw 

The: intormBtion window displays Sbe battOB or option that the player has 
liigftliglited. Hflwe¥ef, for camera end rider selection it displays the appropriate 
camera or rider selected. 

Progress Oar 

T)ie progress bar at the tep cf the replay panel indic^es ibe tjmeftame of the 


,>^ f^.• 


MotoGF; Uttimste facing Tscftnologf \& ai^a packed wttti a iarge number of 
extra iesnires tlist can be 'unlocketf' and enjoyed as von become aiietter and 
more skUled rider The foilowing is what yon can look forward to: 

• Unlock tSie Extra Tracks hy getting tn them itithe Arcade or Grand Prix Series 

• Urilock the Exi^ Riders by gaining points on specific tracks in Arcade moiis. 
■ Get to race on the Sheridan Training Track by winning the Grand Prist Swies 

Championship at Champion level. 

• Get to watch the Credits Video by compteting the Grand Prix Sefies on any 
difficulty setting. 

• Get to see the Bace Htghiighfs Video byachieving a podiiim poisitian (top 
three! in the Grand Prix Series on any difficulty settittg. 

The following are 'fun' extras that can be turned on/of( in the Unloctfabies 
Options meim; 

• Get to race against the glamerous Umbfeita Girl Riders by scoring a certain 
amount of points in the Arcade Championship. 

• Get to race on Mirrored Tracks by vyinning ^e Grand Prix Series at Rookie level. 

• Get to race on Reversed Tracks fay winning the Grand Prix Series st Pro level. 

• Get to race In Wire Frame Mode hy scoring a certain amouiit of points in the 
Arcade Charopionsfttp. 

• Get to race in Toon Modebyscoringa certain amount of joints in ^e Arcade 

• Get to race in Tiute Mode by scoting a certain ampnnt Of points in tite Arcade 
Champs 6ns!) ipi 

• Get to race in Siring a Dins B't^ Mode by scoring a certain amdairtjof' points 
in the Arcade Championship. 

' Getto race in Sketch Mcde by scaring a certain amount of points in the 
Arcade Champipoship. 

• Gel Pop Video Mode by scoring a certain amount ot points in the Arcade 

Options Menus 

Tise Options Menu can be accessed from the Game Menu screen and this 
allov^s you to e it jtist various in-game ofi^bn$i:' 

Same Setifcings 

Music VdiBsne |0-100%j - adjust liie volume of the in-game troisic. 

Sound FX Volume (0-100%) - adjust the volume of alt sound effects. 

Player Assist Arrows - switch on/off the graphical player assistance icons. 

Vibratioii - switcii on /ofl the Xbox Contrntler forqe feedhacSi lunction. 

Gears ■ select an Auto or Manisat gearbox for your hike, 

Oispiay Rider Names - show in-game riders with their names displayed above 

ttieir beads (On. Gtand Prix only, Of Off). 

Quick Race laps - set the niiinbar of laps ina Qtiick Race from: 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 10, 


Grand Ptfx Race Laps - set the ssumber of taps per race (ins Grand Prix SefieS): 

5, 10, 15, 20, or Res! (the actual number of laps that are raced on each trackl, 

Conl:roi St^je 

This Option screen allows you to choosts from a selftetiofl of built-in cpnttiit 
styles to suit your way of holding the Controller 


This allows you to choose which music stJUndfrack is ptayed in-game bwn: 

- MotoGP: Ultimate Racing TeahnologyUmBS. 

- MatoGP-.Vitimate Racing TeEhmiSogy\.\mt% (shirfJled). 

- Any piayer created soundtrack. 

• Browse by pressing the D-pad UP/DOWN keys. 

* Press the A button to select. 

VIevtf Replay 

View any replays recoided and saved to the Xbox hard dak (see above for 


GLtest: Riders 

This option aiiows you to save riders created in Grand Prix orTrai' 

onto the Xhox Memory Unit (and to toad riders from the Memory Linil). In this 

way you can save a favourite rider and take it to a friend's house for use in 

Quick Race, Time Trial or Multiplayer modes. Yoo wilt he asi<ed whether you 


• tf you seSect to load a wifl see a list a\ plugged-in Mernory Units. 

• Press l^e A button to select the Memory Unit you waRt, Tfsis shows a list of 

• Press the A Sutton again to load the selected rider irom that Memory Uriit. 

If you seleoVto Save a Rider, you will be shown a list of si! the saved riders on 
the Xfaox bard disk, 

• Selecting one of these riders with the A button brings «p the list of Memory 
Units again. 

• Select one of the Memory Units and Uien press the A button to save that rider 
to the Memory Unit. 


The Options menu Extras option contains tiie foiiovjin^ 

Arcade High Scores 

This screen; dispiays a list of ali the traces in the game (including the Sheridan 
Circuit if it fias beert unlocked). The top ten fiigh scores are displayed for the 
cwfreRtly highlighted tiack, and a Champfonship Total option displays the 10 
best ovetal! scores (cumuiative over ail 10 tracks m Arcade mode). 

Lap Records 

This displays a list of alt l^e track records in me gKuie, intmairig me srienuai) 
Circuit, ff it is unlocksd. , 


This displays a IssS of alt uniockable videos from the game, and allows you to 
wew any that have been uHlocke?! (press L'le fl bLrtian!. 


Wlplockable modes /features in the game can be accessed and turned on or off 
from here {see above for delaiisj. 

Game Credits 

This option displays the game credits. 

In-Oame Opbions 

Press the START button during agameto open ttie Pause mettBintd you will see 
the foHowitig options; 

- Resume Race: continue racing or 'uu-pause' the game. 

- Restart Racet restart the current race (hot available in tlie Grand Prix Series 

- Music Volume: adjust the volume of the in-game music. 

- Sound FX Volume: adjust the volume for all sound effects 

- Retire From Race; quit the current race and return to the Main Meitu. 

- View Replay; view a replay of the current race up to that point 

- Change Spltt-Scteen ^ player split-screen mode only): toggles between a 
liorizbiital and vertical sicreen s^lit 

Press START agaiin to retDtii to the race. 


Sturrts and Special IVlanoeuvres 

A number of exciting bike stunte and special manoeuyres can be carried out in 
MatoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology, these are extremely important in the 
Training nnd Arcade modes where points can be picked up for performing the 
: BiBves correctly. 

Pbuusrsiide tSpinning the Rean WheelJ 

Power slide around corners by fully releasing the accelef ator (A Button or Right 
Tbumbsticki before immediately reapplying. This will cause tiie rear wheel lo 
spin and allow you drift the rear end ef the hike. This technique will allow you 
to corner harsher and faster, and can be used as a precautionary tactic to stop 
the b ik e f unn t n g off th e tra ch 


To perform a wheelie fmake the front wheel rise), you will need to shift the rider 
into an uprigiit position towards the fear of the bike (using the manual rider 
conlroi function) while aeceie rating at full throttle. The front wheel of the bike 
will theft rise, and continue to rise until you shift the rider back to a normal ior 
centra!) seating position. HHs allows the wheetie to be held for as long as the 
speed of the bike regains constant. If the bike's speed drops, the front wheel will 
also drop and end the move. When performingawheeiie, the rider can befitted 
forward to end the manoeuvre, whilst the speed of the bike reriiains coifistant. 


To execute an endp {the rear wheel of the bike rises by a substantial amount), 
you must slow the bike down to ei suitable speed (tiy either easing ofl tiie 
accelerator or braking gently), before applying thefrontbrake. Slamming on the 
front brake when travelling too last may cause you to lose control, while 
applying the brake tco gently when travelling at slow speed will simpiy cause 
the bike to stop, without performing the endo. The skill, therefore, in performing 
a successfiil endo is to ensure that the correct amount and force of braking is 
applied to the front wheel, while the bike is tfsvelling at the correct speed. 


To perform a doughnut (turning on the spot) the bike must be stationery or 
slowing down as tiie manoeuvre is carried out. First, the front brakes must be 
applied to lock the front wheel, while the engine is revved to make the rear 
wheel spin. Taming left or right as you release the brake will tiien cause the 
bike to lean and rotate either clockwise (turned right) or anti-clockwise (turned 
tett). The degree of turn applied when performing a doughnut will also control 
the spee4 of rotation; gentle turning wH I mean a slower rotation, but sharper 
turning wU! lean the hike over further, giving you a fasterrotation. You will then 
6e able to rotate the bike on the spot if tiie revs are k^pt up and the ^rnjng 
angle is heid. 

Rear Wheel Skicis 

You will he able to perfohii skids through independent use of the rear hrgke. 
Tapping fie rear brake button as you go arqimd corners will make the hack 
wheel of the bike slide oiit e tittle, allowing youto create a siiarper turning 
cifcte when navigating bends'. This parricular manoetivre can be compared to 
the power sliding' tecbnitiue often carried out jh the .^aces. However, if the rear ■ 
brake is applied for too long when the hike is turning, it could lock, resulting in 
a 'low-side'. 

Vou can also use the rear brake to perform dramatic skids when braking in a 
straight line, [f you hirn the bike at th^ same time as skidding Hie rear wheel, 
you will be able to swing the wheel around to rotate the bike in a complete 
circle. Applying rtie front brake after you have started swinging the bike »diiad 
in this msfliiEr will stop the bike rotating too far, However, if you attempt to 
execute this particular manoeuvre at too high a speed, the bike may 'high-side'. 

Burnoucs [VftiffTeet Spins] 

Static Buriiaut (wheel spin oa Ifae spot) 

The bike must be stationery as the stunt is carried put. First, the front brakes 
need to be applied to lock theitont wheel as the engine is revved to cause tire 
real' wheel to spin. 



-.f ■ 

Rollmg Burnout (spiiuiing the rear wheel of the bike as you 
creep fonwanl) 

To perfnnn this stunt, you must apply the front brakes to lock 111 e front wheel, as 
you fev the engine and make tSie rear wheel spin. Then you must reduce the 
amount of pressure applied to the front brake allowing the bike lo creep 
forward as the rear wheel spins franticaitv- 

The IVIcitaGP Tracks 

SUZUKA (Japan) 

LE MAMS (France) 

JEREZ (Spain) 

MUGEU.0 (Itaiyl 

ASSEN INetherlands) 

DONMJNGTON (Great Britain 

SACHSENRING (Germany) ' 

BRKO {Czech Republic 

35 ! 




Phillip Esland (Austraiia) 



Rik Alexander 

Jon Gibson 


Mike Patrick 

Richard Stone 

Alastair Cormsli, Alhan Hassan 

Shawn Hargreaves 
Datnyaii Pepper 
Gavin Norman 
George Fool 
Peter Piiiiiev 
Sean Smith 
Ross Ci^![ds 

Lead Programmer 

Additional Prograniming 
Additional Programming 
Additional Programming 
Additrenal Programining 

■■ » i<Wlt>»«Jlir.V 

Dr. Chris Cautfield 

J^son Green 
Boris Lovuinger 
Craig Gabeit 
Harvey Parker 
JasoQ McFee 
Justin Bravefy 
Lawrence Etwick 
Pete Butler 
Rory VValker 
Jez Whits 

Keitli Clarke 
Adam Pitt 


Game On (Su^iiicai 
fever #Z Uerfez) 
Dubadebedooni (i-B Manslc' 
Burning Rufeber (MugeUoJ 
Power Up (Assen) 
Reirh Up (Onnington) 
Mote Trance (Sachsenringl 
Up All Night (Brno) 
Miami Sunrise (Valencia) 
Pray t» the Radio iPH Hip island) 
Laugh ^t Yen (Sheridan Circuit) 
Psynn (WlenusJ 
Cookin' on Electfic (Credits) 

Dyne Physics Engine 


ird Girl ^^^ 

iawn Hargreaves 
Shawn Hargreaves 
-JC One 
Third Glr! 
Shawn Hargreaves 

Shawn Hargreaves 
Third Girl